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Going public with your engagement: What’s the protocol?

You're engaged, Congratulations! Now what?

Do you call your whole family? Do you text all your friends? Do you post a picture on Social Media? What’s the protocol and what’s the time frame?

We hear it all from brides, Getting engaged is incredibly exciting, but knowing what’s the “in-thing” to do next can be confusing. The number one thing we tell couples is that you should do what feels the most comfortable and natural for the both of you. Every newly engaged couple is different, but communication with each other about how to present your recent engagement is key.


Some good questions to ask each other before proceeding to instinctively post:

  • Did you ask my dad for my hand in marriage in advance?
  • Who in my family knows you were going to propose?
  • Is there anyone amongst our family or friends who shouldn’t know we’re engaged?
  • Do we want to keep this moment special for a little while longer before publicizing it?
  • Do we want to even publicize our engagement or be discrete?
  • What is our game plan when people ask, “do you have a date yet or what are your plans?”

Here are some things to consider before going public with your engagement:

Posting relationship status to “engaged” immediately after proposal

Pros: the word gets out to your family and friends right away, collect likes or hearts, others share in your excitement, less calling or texting family and friends to share the news, your post becomes a memory on Facebook you can share again in the future, lets others know you are officially off the market.

Cons: a missed opportunity to connect with family and friends by phone, less personal, offending family and friends that didn’t know about the engagement or that they weren’t notified prior to going public

Posting a picture of your engagement ring

Pros: gets the message across right away that you’re engaged, family and friends congratulate you, friends rave about your ring, your friends and family can anticipate a wedding in the near future, collect likes or hearts, lets others know you are officially off the market

Cons: you and your ring are open to being judged or scrutinized by unwarranted acquaintances or used-to-be-friends lurking amongst your friend list, friends and family may feel offended if they aren’t invited to the wedding but see you are now engaged


My name is Ava, and I am the Promotions Coordinator of Fitting Image Graphics and Author of Elegant Editorials.  As a recent bride myself, I’ve learned the ins and outs of planning a wedding that I feel every bride should know.

y editorials are designed to provide you with creative tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts so that your wedding is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Feel free to contact me regarding any of my editorials.  I hope to be a resource to you as you embark on this journey of love and marriage!


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