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Wedding Invitations: You get what you pay for

A few months ago, we received a wedding invitation in the mail that caught our attention.

The printing was faded, the paper was flimsy and thin, and the cutting was not straight. It was evident that this couple had printed their invitations at home. While I admit, this sounds a little snobby; the reality is your invitations are your guests’ first peek at your wedding, so you want to make a good first impression.

It may sound like a great way to save money, but brides often underestimate what goes into the design and print process and attempting to DIY your wedding invitations can turn into a challenging and time-consuming task, and as couples get busy with other wedding details its easy to let the invitations slip through the cracks.

We understand that budgets are important but far too often we hear from couples that there comes a point where the additional stress of trying to do everything themselves just to save a few dollars isn’t worth it.


Most couples getting married have never ordered invitations before and hiring a professional is a great way to ensure you get a top of the line experience. Let us go over some benefits:

Hiring a professional ensures that someone with experience will be handling your job while you get other items on your wedding to-do list completed. No need to worry about correct paper sizes, fonts, envelopes or even correct postage!

When DIYing your invitations, how are you planning to print? Can your home printer properly handle the paper necessary for your invitations?

Custom wedding invitations should encapsulate your personality as a couple. Elegant Invites® will listen to your love story, your interests and try to gain an understanding of the wedding details and décor to create a custom design that is unique to you.

One disadvantage of DIYing your invitations are the paper and printing choices available. When hiring a professional, they will choose a printing technique and paper stock based on your needs and budget.


Above: Elegant Invites Design No. 3013
Techniques Used: Gold Foil Printing and Custom Die Shape
Graphic Designer: Frankie D'Elia


No matter what style and design you decide on: make sure that design and printing quality is of a top priority.

PRO TIP: Always opt to print your invitations on the heaviest paper available from your vendor. Nothing can stretch your dollar further in terms of having your invitation stand out.

Our team at Elegant Invites® is talented, creative, and knowledgeable.  We design invitations that will take you and your guest’s breath away.

Contact us today to begin the planning.

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