Wedding Timeline Tips: 5 months away
Wedding Timeline Tips

Wedding Timeline Tips: 5 Months Away

When you are 5 Months away from your wedding day, you should consider the following:

Finalize your invitations with your graphic designer

By now, you should be finalizing your invitations with your graphic designer. Before you give the final “okay”, make sure to double-check the spelling of dates, times, names and all other information on all proofs. A good graphic designer will always ask you to officially sign off on all proofs before printing, so make sure all items have the correct information.


Elegant Invites Design No. 3016
Notes: Digital Printing on White Textured paper
Graphic Designer: Frankie D'Elia of Fitting Image Graphics, Inc


Important! Weigh a Completely Assembled Invitation

Once you pick up your invitations, be sure to bring a fully assembled invitation, including your envelope to your local Postmaster. Ask the Postmaster to weigh it and give you the exact postage needed.

The last thing you want is to have all of your invitations returned for insufficient postage.


Optional: Hand-cancelling invitations

What is hand-canceling? This is the process of manually indicating a stamp has been used instead of the typical way, which is when the post office runs your invitation through a machine, producing ugly lines and dates over the postage stamps.

You’ll want to consider hand cancelling if you have a fancy invitation envelope that you don’t want to chance getting ruined through the post office stamp-canceling machine.


This Elegant Invites® Wedding Timeline was created in association with Fitting Image Graphics as a guideline to ensure your wedding stationery is all ordered in time for your wedding and events leading up to your wedding.

By following these simple timeline tips, you’ll be in the best possible place to have everything ready on time.  Our team is here to help you throughout this journey.  Call or email us to get started today!

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