Wedding Timeline Tips: 6-8 months away
Wedding Timeline Tips

Wedding Timeline Tips: 6-8 Months Away

When you are 6-8 Months away from your wedding day, you should consider the following:

Start working on that guest list!

This may seem early but you’ll need to know roughly how many people you want to invite to the wedding when you order your wedding invitations. The sooner you know how many guests you’re inviting, the sooner you can estimate the number of invitations you’ll need.

It helps to create an A, B, and C list of who you want to invite:

A-List guests are those you absolutely must invite.

B-List guests are the next tier of family/friends.

C-List guests are those that could make the cut if you have extra spots.

Image Download our Guest Address Spreadhseet Templateboth Mac and PC versions included FREE

Pro Tip: To make your life easier, ask us how we can use your spreadsheet to print your addresses directly on your envelopes for you!

Your envelopes will always have the same matching fonts and colors as your invitations.


Above: Sienna & Stephen Wedding Invitation Suite
Graphic Designer: Frankie D'Elia of Fitting Image Graphics, Inc

Discuss your dream invitation suite with your graphic designer

Yesss, Our favorite part! At this point, you should sit down with your graphic designer and start coming up with preliminary designs.

You will see early on in the creative process how beneficial it is working with someone local. Elegant Invites® allows for unlimited revisions, and we will not stop until you are 100% satisfied with your proofs.

Whether your wedding will take place in a rustic backyard setting, on a warm sandy beach, or at a modern upscale venue, we can design invitations for every environment.


Above: Bridal Shower Invitation
Graphic Designer: Frankie D'Elia of Fitting Image Graphics, Inc

Mail out bridal shower invitations

Of course, this shouldn’t be your job, but you may want to ensure your bridal shower coordinator/organizer has mailed out the bridal shower invitations.

After these months, the pace of your to-do list picks up. As long as you stay on track, everything will come together beautifully on your big day!


This Elegant Invites® Wedding Timeline was created in association with Fitting Image Graphics as a guideline to ensure your wedding stationery is all ordered in time for your wedding and events leading up to your wedding.

By following these simple timeline tips, you’ll be in the best possible place to have everything ready on time.  Our team is here to help you throughout this journey.  Call or email us to get started today!

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